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Documentary 'Where She Lies' explores Chattanooga woman's lifelong search for her missing baby
"For one of the better documentaries to get released this year, Where She Lies fits the bill and will impress viewers."
"Marion’s terrific storytelling carries the day."
"Audience members can’t help but feel for Peggy."
"I was engrossed throughout the entire film, which is full of mind-boggling revelations and heartbreaking surprises."
A talk with director, Zach Marion.
"...a moving documentary." –Lael Loewenstein

"It pivots on a 'deathbed confession,' and...that's what makes it compelling." –Tim Cogshell
"...a life affirming film experience that many will find inspiring."
"...a conversation starter of a documentary..."
A talk with director, Zach Marion, and cinematographer, Emma Kragen.
"...a quietly powerful documentary."
"sheds light on the sad and lingering impact of shame that once was heaped on women who became unwed mothers."
"...not only one of the best documentaries I have seen this year, but one of the best films as well."
Q&A with director, Zach Marion.